About Us

Bohemian Element travels around the world to bring you fabric, textiles and other unique treasures for your art and home. During the year, Bohemian Element can also be found on the road at trade shows throughout the country.  The products include fabric and textiles bought directly from the villages and local artists of Southeast Asia. This support enables the age-old artistic traditions to continue in the modern world. Although the retail store, Hands of the Hills Textiles, closed in 2005, Bohemian Element was run out of the studio in Bothell, WA. 

Theresa Mertens, the woman behind Bohemian Element, has been in the textile business for years.  A weaver for over thirty years, her passion for fabric and textiles is rooted in this history and has grown with her travels and discoveries throughout the globe.  Several times a year,  she travels to Southeast Asia to meet directly with the local artisans she supports as well as discovering new treasures to bring home to her customers.

In 2011 after many years of doing trade shows and traveling overseas, a much needed sabbatical was taken. Theresa moved to Tucson, AZ and then traveled extensivly in Italy and Sweden.  Back in Tucson, 2012 sees a new studio, the creative process starting again a few shows and classes and several trips scheduled for the fall/winter. The move to Tucson also brought about a merger between Bohemian Element and Venetian Traders. Theresa Mertens and Michael Rollins are combining businesses to bring you treasures and stories from all over the world!

Venetian Traders is a direct importer of Venetian glass beads, button and other collectable finds since the1980's. Over the years I have discovered many exciting finds in old warehouses, back rooms and factory floors. Some of these vintage finds are here for your viewing pleasure and creative urges.